• Healthy Eating

    Get recipes to help you start to eat healthier coupled with educational insights into why certain foods may make you feel unwell.

  • 10X Your Energy Naturopathic Foundational Program

    Not ready to commit to 1:1 individualized care? Start with this educational program & get the basics on what you can do to optimize your hormones and 10X your energy. *COMING SOON*

  • Individual consultations

    For those that want to dive deeper & explore their health and get individualized advice. A deeper investment as you get to work 1:1 with me. Book at www.suhanishah.ca.

Doctor Bio

Naturopathic Doctor Dr. Suhani Shah, ND

Dr. Shah is a licensed naturopathic doctor based in Calgary, Alberta. Her naturopathic practice focuses on endocrine (hormone) and paediatric health and wellness. She helps women (moms, professionals, and entrepreneurs) optimize their hormones to 10X their energy so they can live the vibrant and fulfilling life they desire. You cannot optimize your hormones without ensuring your gut and immune system are functioning well because your immune system, digestive health, and hormones are all connected.